Member/Associate Q&A

Member/Associate Q&A

How do I change my employment, address, phone number or classification with the PGA?

In order to change any of these items with the PGA, you will need to submit a member change form. This can be done online or printed and sent to the section. In order to access the member change form, you must first login to your account. The member change form is located at the bottom of the homepage under the resources column. If you would like to fill out the handwritten form, please click here to download the form.

What should I do if my company is not listed on the member change form?

If you company is not on the member change form, you will need to register the facility with the PGA. Please visit this link, to find the correct form and submit to the section office.

How can I resign from the PGA?

To resign from the PGA, you will need to submit a request to resign to Once you resign from the PGA, you can be reinstated once. If you resign after the reinstatement and would like to join again, you will have to go through the associate program.

How can I reinstate my membership with the PGA after resignation?

To reinstate your membership with the PGA, please reach out to They will review your status to determine your eligibility and any outstanding dues or PDRs you may have to complete before reinstatement.

What happens when I fall into Class F? How do I get out of Class F?

A member falls into class F when they do not pay their dues on time or do not complete their required PDRs in a cycle.

To regain your active status as a member, you must complete the amount of recovery PDRs listed on your account. Once you have completed this requirement, you can than transfer out of Class F and back into your current class.

Who can I contact if I have not heard back about my background check?

To check on the status of your background check, please call the PGA of America Headquarters Membership Services Department at 800-474-2776.

Where can I find my current PDR status?

Your current PDR status is located on your account.

How can I post PDRs that I have completed?

If you would like to self-post your PDRs, this can be done by logging into, from your profile click report PDRs.

If you have any additional questions, please contact our office at 847-729-5700